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Why Invest In Zero Childhood Cancer Program

Because 3 children die every week

Childhood cancer is the number one cause of disease related death in Australian children. Every week three Australian children and adolescents die because of childhood cancer.

Ground-breaking research

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program is at the international forefront in the area of personalised medicine and is a game-changer that is going to provide the greatest breakthroughs in the fastest amount of time. It brings together all of the brightest minds in the research laboratories around Australia, the US and Germany – together with the specialty skills of the doctors and nurses to provide tomorrow’s care today.

To provide real-time treatment options

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program will close the gap between the laboratory bench and the patient bedside and will provide real-time treatment options. - This is a moment in time, we have children who are dying on the wards now – We need to implement this program so that we can change the future for the children who are in hospital now and the generations of children to come

For children now and for generations

This program is very expensive and we cannot deliver it without support from individuals just like you who want to share in the journey of accelerating childhood cancer survival rates closer to 100%

To be part of the solution

Ultimately, the Zero Childhood Cancer program will move us closer to one day curing every child with cancer. We need your support to make this program a reality.

“The Zero Childhood Cancer program is the best way to give children the most cutting edge, state-of-the-art, individualised care. It’s what I would want for my children, and what all of our children deserve,” 

- A/Professor O'Brien
  Director of the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick and Clinical Research Fellow at Children’s Cancer Institute